A new doll order will open next month pickled.free.fr/index_en.html


Anastasia & Alexei are 22cm tall porcelain dolls,

They will go on display at Scope New York 2014 art fair next month, via Copro Gallery (http://copronason.com/). Details and photos on my blog http://pickled.free.fr/index_en.html

Little Egg http://marmite.doll-menagerie.com/?p=2006


A quick reminder that reservation orders for `Pink Dentelle` will close this Thursday and go in to casting. (Last orders can be made until Thursday evening Japan time). http://marmite.doll-menagerie.com/?p=1856

Custom painted New AE Dentelle, one of the girls shipped out last week.


38cm Angel Egg Dentelle (Rose)

Orders for limited `Pink Dentelle` open this week

( orders will close at the end of January 2014, unless sold out before)


Angel - 34cm tall hand crafted doll http://pickled.free.fr/